Virginia Association of Community Services Boards
2017 Public Policy Conference
Speaker Presentations - Handouts

Note - additional files will be updated prior and during the conference!  
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Wednesday, October 4

12:30 pm:  National Changes and Constants in Behavioral Healthcare - Ron Manderscheid, Ph.D.

1:30 pm Workshops
- Protecting Your CSB: Mitigating Risks and Dealing with the Dreaded Indemnity Clause
    - Reference Materials
- Electronic Interventions: Navigating Technology and Behavioral Health
- Lessons Learned: Implementation of CCC+ in the Tidewater Area  (Handouts provided)
       - Beth Rafferty      
       - Sarah Lewis
       - Deborah Townsend
       - Sandi Harrington
- Overview of Developmental Disabilities for Managers and Administrators
- Stengthening Faith-Based and Community Responses to the Opioid Crisis
- Local Responses to Changes in Behavioral Healthcare
       - Handouts

3:30 pm Workshops
- Imagine Zero: Virginia Zero Suicide Initiatives
- CCC+ Impact on CSB Administrative Processes/Open Session (Handouts provided)
    - Beth Rafferty
    - Bob Horne
- Think Safety: Strategies Across the Lifespan for Individuals with DD