EMERGENCY SERVICES:  The Heartbeat of the System!

Speaker Presentations 

Thursday, October 26, 2017
Opening Session Keynote: Assessing Individuals with PTSD in Crisis,
                        by Gary H. Wynn, MD
Luncheon Presentation:
Essential Elements of an Effective Behavioral Threat Assessment & Management Process,
                        by Gene Deisinger, Ph.D.

Conference Workshop Presentations:
Assessing Children and Youth presented by Christopher Qualls, Ph.D.
Magistrate Best Practices, presented by Jonathan Green, JD
HEART: Healthy Engagement Around Responding to Trauma (without video clips),
         presented by Linda Taylor, LPC, and Kathryn Ryder, LPC
Autism Spectrum Disorder: Signs, Symptoms, and Behavioral Challenges
       presented by Angela Scarpa, Ph.D., and Jordan Albright, MS
Understanding Delirium/Assessing Older Adults, presented by: Bhusam Neupane, MD

Friday, October 27, 2017
Ethical Issues Related to Mental Health Emergencies, presented by Heather Zelle, JD, PhD