Clinical Quality Analyst

Clinical Quality Analyst


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Clinical Quality Analyst

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DUTIES: Responsible for facilitating efforts directed at continually improving service quality and advancing evidence-based practices through use of data collection and analysis. Primarily focused on supporting implementation of aspects of the Step Virginia initiative and associated projects but supports the entire agency as time allows. Work collaboratively with agency managers and directors to assess outcomes, identify opportunities for improvement or areas of concern, and improve program performance. Utilize traditional and innovative tools and techniques to collect and analyze data and information from internal and external sources, assess why unwanted variation in processes and outcomes exists, and identify how to change or redesign those processes to continually improve the quality and safety of patient care and the performance of organizational functions. Provide staff with information and educational resources concerning incorporation and benchmarking of industry specific standards and evidence-based practices into program operations.

Serve as the primary coordinator of agency efforts to implement the CQI Plan and serves on all committees and workgroups which oversee projects relevant to the scope of the CQI Plan. The Support the IT Department in appropriately configuring the electronic health record to accurately collect, measure, and report on quality improvement data. Collaborate with the Internal Audit Department to design and execute strategies to monitor quality indicators and meaningfully analyze and report on quality improvement trends. Utilizing reports from the IT and Internal Audit Department, will directly support clinical program management to adjust operations and practices to address identified deficiencies and achieve program specific CQI goals. Support other activities within the Corporate Integrity Unit, as needed, to ensure agency compliance with regulatory and industry standards.

QUALIFICATIONS: Must possess a bachelor’s degree and 3-5 years’ experience in conducting quality and performance improvement activities through use of data analytics. Education and experience conducting data analysis in healthcare settings is preferred. Years of experience may be substituted for specialized training or education in the fields of information analytics, healthcare administration, or behavioral healthcare.  Individuals in this position must have excellent skills in the use of information technology and must be capable of managing aspects of the electronic health record database after receiving on the job training in form creation, data mapping, and report writing.

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