Developmental Disabilities Case Manager

Developmental Disabilities Case Manager

Developmental Disabilities Case Manager is responsible for the overall coordination and assessment process of eligible ID and DD individuals eligible for Waiver and SPO Case management services in accordance with the local, state and federal quality assurance standards for case management.

The DD case manager shall conduct screenings and assessments and ensure the appropriate delivery of services for consumers and their families assigned to his/her caseload by the CCPS DD case management program.  This includes (but not limited to) VIDES screenings, admission/intake appointments, assignment of cases, the development of Person-Centered Service Plans, and direct case management-to include assisting eligible consumers in accessing to the most appropriate services available to meet their individual needs in the least restrictive environment.  This is accomplished by linking, coordinating resources, implementing, monitoring and advocating for effective and responsive service provisions.

Requirements: (Experience, Essential Education, and Skills Needed):
DD case manager must have experience with case coordination particularly for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities and experience working with Medicaid and reimbursement standards for active status and pre-authorization. Must have Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services or related field, knowledge of service needs of persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities and support service needs of their families.  Skills in linkage and coordination of services, intake responsibilities, and counseling.  Ability to prioritize work, thoroughly document service and coordination activities, and work with a variety of agencies, departments, and professionals in providing services.

Must meet the Qualified DD Provider (QDDP) requirements and Medicaid KSA’s for SPO and Waiver case management reimbursement.  QDDP requirements means a person who possesses at least one year of documented experience working directly with individuals who have mental retardation (intellectual disability) or other developmental disabilities and at least one of the following credentials:

Support coordinators/case managers who provide DD case management services after the effective date of Sept. 2016 DDCM regulations shall possess a minimum of an undergraduate degree in a human services field

In addition to the requirements above, the support coordinator/case manager shall possess developmental disability work experience or relevant education which indicates that the incumbent, at entry level, possesses the following knowledge, skills, and abilities which shall be documented in the employment application form or supporting documentation or during the job interview. The knowledge, skills, and abilities shall include:
a. Knowledge of:
(1) The definition, causes and program philosophy of developmental disability;
(2) Treatment modalities and intervention techniques, such as behavior management, independent living skills training, supportive counseling, family education, crisis intervention, discharge planning and service coordination;
(3) Different types of assessments and their uses in program planning;
(4) Individual rights;
(5) Local community resources and service delivery systems, including support services, eligibility criteria and intake process, termination criteria and procedures and generic community resources;
(6) Types of developmental disability programs and services;
(7) Effective oral, written and interpersonal communication principles and techniques;
(8) General principles of record documentation, and
(9) The service planning process and the major components of an Individual Support Plan.
b. Skills in:
(1) Interviewing;
(2) Negotiating with individual consumers and service providers;
(3) Observing, recording, and reporting behaviors;
(4) Identifying and documenting an individual consumer’s needs for resources, services and other assistance;
(5) Identifying services to meet the individual’s needs;
(6) Coordinating the provision of services by diverse public and private providers;
(7) Analyzing and planning for the service needs of individuals with developmental disabilities;
(8) Formulating, writing, and implementing Individual Support Plans to promote goal attainment for individuals with developmental disabilities;
(9) Successfully using assessment tools, and;
(10) Identifying community resources and organizations and coordinating resources and activities.
c. Ability to:
(1) Demonstrate a positive regard for individuals and their families (e.g. permitting risk taking, avoiding stereotypes of individuals with developmental disabilities, respecting individuals’ and families’ privacy, believing individuals can grow);
(2) Be persistent and remain objective;
(3) Work as team member, maintaining effective inter- and intra-agency working relationships;
(4) Work independently, performing position duties under general supervision;
(5) Communicate effectively, verbally and in writing, and;
(6) Establish and maintain ongoing supportive relationships.

Must have experience in:  case management; multi-disciplinary team work; working with children and adolescents; clinical record documentation; completing psychosocial evaluations; providing outreach services to consumers from multi-cultural populations, and Microsoft Office.

Preferred Qualifications / Other Relevant Job Information:
This is a Grade 208, salaried position.  Minimum annual salary for this position is $37,591.00.

Starting salary for new employees will be based on the prospective employee’s knowledge, skills and abilities directly relating to the position’s duties.  Current or most recent verified salary will also be taken into consideration prior to making an offer of employment.  Starting salaries for new employees will not exceed the advertised maximum and will be based on the availability of funding within the current budget.

Excellent benefits include sick and annual leave and Virginia Retirement System.

Position requires  pre-employment extensive background check and drug screening, to include a driver’s license report if applicable.

District 19 is committed to developing a multicultural workplace. Minorities and persons with disabilities seeking career advancement are encouraged to apply. EOE.

Position is open until filled.

Sign-on bonus of $2,500.00 to qualified applicant. *Restrictions apply.

Contact details

20 West Bank Street  804-862-8002 ext 3188