Program Manager Youth Counseling Service

Program Manager Youth Counseling Service

Provides clinical and administrative supervision of MRCSB’s Youth and Family Counseling Services to ensure the efficient, effective and ethical delivery of  services to individuals.   Serves as the lead clinician for the Youth and Family Counseling Services programs, i.e. MH/SA Outpatient, Youth MH Supports, and Intensive In-home.  Also provides counseling, case management services and crisis intervention and stabilization based on individual need and functional assessment.   ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: (Maximum of Eight)
  1. Provide clinical and administrative supervision for Youth and Family Outpatient Services, Mental Health Intensive In-home Services, Mental Health Support Services and Substance Abuse Outpatient Services. Provide supervision to employees and interns, who provide direct clinical or support services to individuals, by completing all assessments and reviewing and approving treatment plans and quarterly reviews.  To serve as a LMHP, when needed, to provide necessary assessments for program admissions and reviews, as well as to provide the clinical supervision for outpatient billing.
  2. Provide crisis intervention and stabilization services to individuals presenting in crisis.  Develop appropriate service plans including crisis stabilization service plans for individuals.  Arrange for and supervise employee provision of crisis services.
  3. Will assist Coordinator of Y&F Counseling Services with hiring and training of new employees. Encourage opportunities for professional development and provide individual staff with ongoing feedback regarding performance and monitor targeted billing units every month for all supervised staff.  Complete annual performance evaluations for Youth and Family Counseling Services staff.
  4. Serve as backup when Counseling Coordinator is unavailable for staffings, FAPT and/or CPMT meetings, and attendance at state-wide and regional Coalition meetings.  Responsibility for monitoring any changes in regulations, licensure, or guidelines as related to program area and communicating this information to all providers of this service within the Youth and Family Counseling program.  Attend regional and state-wide meetings as needed to meet with other providers, obtain training and promote service area.
  5. To provide direct services to individuals by providing comprehensive assessments,  integrating input from collateral contacts, making referrals, developing individualized treatment plans and implementing appropriate interventions through treatment modalities such as individual, group, family, or couples therapy.  When providing Intensive in-home services, these services will be provided in the youth’s home, school or other community setting as appropriate.
  6. To provide case management services to individuals who meet eligibility criteria and have identified case management needs; to provide case management activities such as referral, monitoring, supportive counseling, education, and development of skills to enhance community integration.
  7. To engage in ongoing evaluation of clinical practice and of services rendered to individuals, through annual re-assessments and treatment plan reviews; to provide outcome measures of progress where possible.  To comply with all policies and procedures established by Mount Rogers CSB, Licensure, Medicaid/Medicare, and other regulatory bodies; keeps records up-to-date and adheres to confidentiality of consumer information.
  8. To actively participate in meetings such as supervision, clinical staffing’s, business meetings, and committees as assigned; utilizes these meetings for active problem solving and to enhance a team approach to decision making.  Keep mandatory trainings up-to-date and to provide consultation and educational services with Mount Rogers CSB and with other agencies or organizations.

Minimum Requirements

Masters Degree in Social Work, Psychology, or a related field; Licensure required.
Contact details

770 W Ridge Road Show Phone Number *****