REQ#: 80000014 Region Ten Prevention Services is hiring a Prevention Specialist to implement community-based prevention trainings (including Mental Health First Aid, Trauma-Informed, and ACEs), programs, and campaigns to help promote mental health awareness in the community. They will work with human service agencies, schools, local jurisdictions, industries, and citizen groups to implement evidence-based training that increases mental health and wellness at the environmental, community, and individual levels. They will work collaboratively with community partners and community coalitions to identify and coordinate referral sources for mental health support following training, and will aid in the distribution of referral information about mental health services. The Prevention Specialist receives general supervision to serve as the primary staff person for coordinating and delivering training as identified through Region Ten’s Mental Health Awareness Training grant through the Substance Use and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA MHAT grant). They will be responsible for coordinating and scheduling mental health awareness training, record keeping and data tracking for all training activities, and timely reporting for all grant activities.
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