VACSB Conferences & Trainings

The VACSB Develops and Hosts Three Conferences Each Year


  • Legislative Conference:
    Held each January in Richmond, this conference provides knowledge and perspective for all members on current budget and legislative information and advocacy opportunities during the legislative session.
  • Development and Training Conference:
    Held each May, this conference features skill building, innovative practices and unique models of CSB/BHA and regional programs.
  • Public Policy Conference:
    Held each October, this conference features Virginia and National public policy issues through panels and presentations.
2020/2021 Events
Other Trainings

DS Directors Orientation 2021

DBHDS Briefing on Federal Funds Reimbursement Model 16 MAY 2022

Please note that prior to the start of the recorded session, Andrew Diefenthaler with DBHDS provided a few opening remarks.  He noted that implementing this reimbursement process is mandatory to resolve the audit issue that the federal government surfaced regarding the block grant funding.  Further, Andrew offered technical assistance and training both prior to and following implementation to mitigate any process issues CSBs are having.  His contact information is included in the last slide of the slide deck if you need such assistance.

Slide Deck

Zoom Recording

Chat Log

Supplemental Forms Demonstrated During Presentation

CSB Payment Schedule

Sample MHBG Payment

Sample SABG COVID Payment

Sample SABG Payment

DBHDS Briefing on Data Exchange Program 04 MAR 2022

Slide Deck

Zoom Recording

Chat Log

Crisis Services Panel Discussion 03 DEC 2021

Please note that the video starts about 6 minutes after the first presenter actually began presenting.  The complete PowerPoint slide deck is linked below the video.

Crisis Services Panel Discussion:  Video

Crisis Services Panel Discussion:  PowerPoint slide deck