Early Intervention Awareness Month

May 2020 is Early Intervention Awareness Month! 

VACSB wants to promote the importance of Early Intervention and share that this pandemic has resulted in a decline in referrals to Early Intervention. The good news is that most Early Intervention Systems across Virginia have started providing telehealth, so medical providers should continue to refer infants and toddlers to Early Intervention! 

  • Rappahannock Area CSB is featured this month in its local Parents Magazine on this very issue and the article showcases how telehealth is a solution – here
  • Videos from parents on the benefits of using telehealth for Early Intervention are being shared by Rappahannock Area CSB:



  • VACSB is using Early Intervention Awareness Month to spread the message that Early Intervention is still open for business and that doctors should continue to provide referrals for Early Intervention. 
    • VACSB’s Message is the following:  As COVID-19 forces families to stay home and put things on pause, infants and toddlers can still get necessary services safely. The Infant & Toddler Connection, Early Intervention, is still open for business across Virginia. Using technology, most areas of the state can enroll children and deliver therapy services via telehealth. Although services are still open, Early Intervention programs across Virginia have seen a decline in referrals. Because of the time-critical nature of Early Intervention, parents should not wait to get their child started on services. Every month that goes by matters when it comes to getting a baby or toddler caught up developmentally. The longer they delay making that first phone call, the less time they will have available in Early Intervention. Pediatricians and nurse practitioners should continue to refer to Early Intervention and encourage parents to go ahead and call to start the intake process. Each locality has mechanisms in place to continue to meet the needs of the families and with telehealth being offered in most areas, there is no need to wait!